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i’m de-weebing my blog tonight, this is a big step in my improvement and i hope everyone is really proud

emilartiles said: And what makes you think I'm not a female? You're blaming everything on men because You were the one that was never good enough for one. You're a miserable person


Ok tbh who the fuck are you? Irrelevant, yes. But I’ve never spoken to you before, you probably live across the world and you probably forgot to turn off anonymous just now. You’re also a male, trying to make it seem like you’re a female and that I’m not good enough for a guy?
If you’re trying to make me feel self conscious or lower my self esteem, you are doing a terrible job. I don’t really get self conscious about anything or have a low self esteem, I’m pretty confident, and I’m pretty confident that I will step on your fucking throat.

If everybody likes you, you’re pretty dull.
written by Bette Davis (via saintofsass)

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